Hey World

Hey World by Waqidi Falicoff
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Hey World was recorded in 1975 by the group Patchwork Triangle – Helen Tarantino (now Bailie), Hamilton Bailie and Waqidi Falicoff  – as a demo record for EMI Music in London, England.  The lead vocalist is Helen with Hamilton and Waqidi doing backup vocals and Waqidi on 12 string guitar and Ellis Rich (now Sir Ellis Rich) on piano.

This YouTube video was created by Waqidi to address the many injustices in this world.  It is interesting that one of the lines in the song written in 1975 speaks of the world as “losing”.  May the enlightened voices of humankind prevail over the forces of greed, arrogance, ignorance and despotism.

Hey World – Lyrics

Verse 1

Hey world you’re coming apart
You’re losing, and it’s all your fault
And I know that you’ve had a good time
But can’t you see you’re in for trouble

Verse 2

Hey world I’m trying to say
That I know you, better each day
And I think that you’re going the wrong way
Won’t you stop and start again now


There ‘s time to look in yourself
I know
Because I’ve been there myself
And I’m hoping you won’t end so soon
I’m rather fond of walking in the summer moon

Verse 3

Hey world there’s a secret you hide
Inside you, you’re still alive
And I’ve noticed the sky is still blue
And that’s the reason I’m saying to you

Musical break

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Verse 3


Hey world what-do-you say
The time is a-ticking away
And you know that you’re goin’ the wrong way

Hey World, etc. fade