January 2017

The YouTube video for “Heaven Release Her” is out.  This is a tribute to Hadiya Pendleton and the many other innocent victims of gang violence in the City of Chicago and elsewhere.

October 2016

The song “Heaven Release Her” is now available for free download on this site.  It will be coming out on YouTube shortly.  This is the song that Jay and Waqidi co-authored.  The performers include Simon Russell (vocals), Lace Walker (guitar), Nick Kirby (percussion and bass) and Dean Angermeier (keyboards).  The recording was done at two studies.  The vocals were done at the studio of Sylvester Burks (the famous gospel organ player) and the remaining tracks were done at studio of The Church of Divine Inspiration in Ashland, OR.  The song is a tribute to the 15 year old girl Hadiya Pendleton who was killed in Chicago in 2013.

May 2016

Jay Rosenberg and Waqidi have joined forces again after 50+ years to write a new song.  A recording of it is expected to be completed very soon. The lead vocalist is Simon Russell of Groovality.

January 2014

The first of several published songs by Falicoff and Rosenberg is now available on the site in the original sheet music.  Also, there is a story about the time we met with the manager of Peter, Paul & Mary in the “Stories” section.

December 2013

Most of the songs on the website are now free.  You can save time if you want to download any of the free albums by using the add to cart option near the top of the page.

February 2012

The 4 song collection called “Sunrise” is now released.  The songs by Hamilton Camp are performed by the original True Brethren – Hamilton Camp (vocals and guitar), Waqidi Falicoff (guitar), Raphael Grinage (cello and dilruba) and Loren Pickford (flute and saxophone).  The live recording were done in 1969.  This is the first time these recordings (restored from tape) have been released to the public.

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