Photo of the Original True Brethren found!

I asked my friend, Simón Cherpitel, who is a wonderful photographer, if he had any photos of me from the 1960s and during the time I was playing with Hamilton Camp and the other members of the True Brethren.  He came up with a bunch of really wonderful photos starting in 1968 ending in 1970.  The one taken in August of 1970 is the only photo I have found of the original True Brethren.  This photo was taken in Virginia at a place called Skymont, which was community associated with  spiritual group  Subud.  I lived there for several months and built several buildings (all torn down now to make way for a freeway).   In the photo you can see on the left, Raphael Grinage on cello, moving right Hamilton Camp, myself on the Martin 12 string guitar, and Loren Pickford holding the flute in his lap.  

Simón is a fantastic photographer who I have known since 1968.   He and I used to perform together where he showed slides of his work in conjunction with my singing and playing original songs.   He even won an award for a best photo in life magazine. You can see his work at  

The True Brethren performing at Skymont, Virginia August 1970