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Heaven Release Her

By Jay Rosenberg (BMI) and Waqidi Falicoff (SESAC)
©2015, 2016 Muswell Hill Music & Jay Rosenberg
All Rights Reserved

Simon Russell (vocals), Lace Walker (guitar), Nick Kirby (percussion and bass), Dean A (keyboards)


The lyrics as performed on the recording and YouTube video:

Note: Words in () are possible alternatives.

 Section 1

Heaven Release her,       let her go,     let her go
Send her Soul home to Chicago,
Release her,     Let her go
To the Bloody Streets of Chicago
Where (the) Bullets and Bells ring Death knells

Hadiyah Hallelujah
Hadiyah  Hallelujah
Help her to bring home God’s lost souls

Section 2

Heaven Release her,   let her go,       let her go
Bring her Soul back to Chicago
Wake the Angels,  Don’t they know?
That (the) gunnin’ and blood is runnin’
With (the) Tears in the streets below

Hadiyah Hallelujah
Hadiyah  Hallelujah
Carry her home to the City she loves


You can’t imagine
This could happen to a child
Her World is (was) so simple and pure
But all at once
A dark cloud fills your (her) core
How can (could) it happen
How can (could) it happen
No More!         Heaven Release Her!

Section 4

Heaven Release her,   let her go,       let her go
Send her Smile down to Chicago
With the Angels,   let them know
“Stop the gunnin’ and blood runnin'”
Oh Wash the Tears away

Hadiyah Hallelujah
Hadiyah  Hallelujah
Help them to Love again another day


 Heaven Release Her, Heaven Release Her
Let Her Go, Let Her Go…Let Her Go


Price of Freedom  Lyrics by Jay Rosenberg   Music by Waqidi Falicoff (aka William Faliks) published in 1964

© 1964 Pera Music Corporation (now Peermusic Inc).

Contact Peermusic (  if you plan to use or perform this song for commercial or professional purposes.

An historical folk song depicting the persistence of American prejudice and racial divide.  One stanza decries the infamous 1965 Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, where 4 children were murdered.

Price of Freedom pg 1
Price of Freedom pg 1
Price of Freedom pg 2
Price of Freedom pg 2

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